MID-EAST Peace Talks

September 1, 2010

The so called talks of peace will commence shortly in Washington between the arc rivals in the Middle East, I always compare the likeness to the Pakistan vs India conflict in the Kashmir borders. The talks shall be done and the forgone conclusion all written and ready to be released, it shall read this way:

” the talks were a success and we are moving in the right direction, the outlook is positive and there is a new beginning ahead for both sides”!

We know that just hardly 24 hours ago there were some shooting and killings going on at the very same place where they want peace to prevail!

Netanyahu already said : ” the situation is difficult, but not impossible !”

Hillary will say : Well, we gave it a shot!

Obama will say : I have kept my words, I did my BEST !

Mohamud Abaas will say: ” I knew IT! “

ART : “I already knew all about IT !”


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