Bad Malaysian Habits

August 29, 2010

I took short a break from the mad city, and drove to my hideout in Rompin, a small kampong call Kediak, which the Orang Asal lives and thrives. I guess they have been living here for eons, well before Malaya knew of its name.

But today the Orang Asal here is modernized, with lights, water, cars, pipe water & ASTRO channels, the local government has built them low cost housing as well, well done to the local leaders.

The only thing which I am sad to hear, see and know about is that not all the villages got these homes! I would say a selected few and privilege fellows got the benefit! Some said that if you are in the wrong party, you get nothing! To me that is a very sad thing, I guess politics should stop doing that, if they continue to punish those who do not support “A” party and deprive them all of equal rights to me it is plain “INEQUALITY” !

The Orang Asal aka Asli, no more wear loin cloth and walk barefooted, or hunt with spears and blow pipes, they appreciate things better and are all well read humans now!

Things must change also for the betterment of this country, otherwise all the efforts and money splashed by the PM is just  wasted to try and project a new  “1 Malaysia” attitude as it all ends in mere futility !

The leaders must grow up and as rightfully said and announced by the PM: “we are no longer going to whack anyone with the ISA threat and arrest people and intimidate people if they do not agree with us! It does not work anymore and it makes people angrier and more dissatisfied!”

I pray & hope that the PM will whack his own Men who does not understand what he wants! More so for those who are out to sabotage all his efforts to win back the hearts of the RAKYAT, desperately !


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