Yet Another Casualty

August 27, 2010

As we were talking about the dangers of fire crackers and explosives another poor  innocent girl lies in hospital awaiting for her fate, of whether she will be blind for life or will she regain her normal eyesight! Only God knows & only time will tell!

She was just an innocent bystander, while on her way to the ‘surau’ for her terawih prayers, some smart kid lit a “Rocket” and it hit her directly in her eyes, she bled and off course is in great pain.

My wish is that the practice of  “an eye for an eye” should be made possible RIGHT now, see how the boy feels when he losses one eye, an donate it to the poor soul, blinded by his foolish act! The parents of the boy must also be made responsible  to pay for all her medical expenses and cost for life!

That will be a deterrent for all potential boys and children whose parents are just “couldn’t be bother type of what their kids do, outside the home”, they just give the kids money and say go enjoy yourself only to regret later when things goes bad! It is too late, damaged done, and no turning back of the clocks!

My take is simple – parents are to be blamed ! Other wise any kids caught playing it, will be charged in court for a civil offense! Just like when kids ride a motorbike without a driving license, parents get to be fined in the courts too! Make the fine as heavy as possible, that is another deterrent factor, otherwise, they can all be  ‘one big happy family and spent the Raya holidays in jail’!

Otherwise we can talk until all the cows die and nothing changes!

I pray hard that is the last casualty for this Ramadhan


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