The Home Going Jam

August 27, 2010

Until today the Government and JPJ including the PDRM has not found a solution to ease the traffic jam once the celebrations begins, may it be Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali or Christmas.

We are all very Malaysianized people, we celebrate everything in fact, the trend is such if there is more than 3 days of public holidays every one wants to “balik kampong”!

We are truly a Nation who loves to travel and make it a point to spend time with our parents and other siblings back in the home towns, KL and Selangor is just a place to ‘cari makan’, the real home is in the kampongs!

Some may even be staying as far as Johor or Singapore even, but the drive back home is always worth it, despite the hike in petrol and toll prices, it seems it never bothers us at all. People  from Kelantan and Terrenganu also have been traveling up and down the country to search for greener pastures as far south as Singapore!

So, with this big exodus coming round the corner the PDRM will deploy 4000 troops to monitor and assist the flow. I always trust that with them around the traffic will be much better managed. The bottle necks are always at the R&R stops, inconsiderate drivers all stop and park at random, thus making it a hazard for others!

The PDRM should be placed at all R&R locations and immediately haul them up and give them a big summon. This will teach them to be more civilized and considerate to other road users.

PLUS must also prepare extra facilities for the road users, extra mobile field toilets are a thing they must improve on. The other is food & drink kiosk and stalls can be increased, use the mobile vans and lorries to facilitate the big number of travelers. Spaced them out instead of jamming up the already jammed R&R pit stops, have PDRM to monitor this temporary stations at selected intervals which is convenient and considered safe areas!

Off course there are those who will hop onto the Emergency lanes and try to outwit the other law-abiding drivers, the PDRM should also have no mercy on this culprits! I strongly urge that the PDRM should give them a hefty fine also!

The other thing the government has tried is to space out the traveling times and recommended times to hit the roads, I doubt it has had any great impact. I do have a WILD suggestion here with me and it goes this way:

1. We can implement travel by day direction with time limitations. This is how it works :

Date: 1 Sept from 0600 to 1800 hrs all vehicles driving southwards only. They will use up all the 8 lanes of the PLUS.  Off course the PDRM with be on site to monitor. The 12 hours window period allows a traveler enough time to leave Kedah/Perlis to hit Johor.

Note: if there is any emergencies the PDRM will open up a special lane and escort the vehicles, interstate police will take turns as they cross the state boundaries!

From  1800 HRS till 0600 the next morning on the same day the reverse will occur, all traffic moving from South towards the North bound will depart. This will be monitored by the PDRM off course. They will be allowed to travel for 12 hours just like the others did to reach home.

All night driving drivers have ample time to eat, rest and sleep before they make the journey.

I guess the volume for each direction flow can be tripled by allowing this system to run. The Toll gates will shut down if the intended traveler has past his departure time, every toll entry will have a fixed departure time to ensure the driver reaches his or her destination on time!

The authorities can work up the schedule for each departing toll house all along the route for both ways! Make use of  all the MSM to announced all the travel advisory way ahead of time, maybe two weeks in advance. Leaflets and handouts are also effective at all toll houses! The money well spent this way will in turn save more money for the government in accidents, ambulances and hospitalization and not to mention damaged facilities on the roads and reduced fatalities off course!






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