Killing Spree

August 26, 2010

Yes, this is another sad day in the holy month of Ramadhan, just hardly two weeks ago a father hacked to death his own wife and seriously injured her two young daughters all at one go. It was a ‘makan sahur’ incident, where the father got upset or angry that the spouse did not do what he wanted her to do, to that effect!

The PDRM had no choice but to gun him down! He was threatening the lives of the  other two poor kids crying and screaming inside the house, they were already bleeding and badly hurt. Thus the drama ended with the poor kids becoming instant Orphans for good! Both their parents died !

Who is to be blamed? Is it society? Society makes or breaks human beings they say! The constant pressure to find and earn a living sufficient enough to put food on the table all the time, the pressure of having enough to wear and use at home, the pressure of becoming better than thy neighbor standards!

Maybe all this pressures culminate with what we have today, homes breaks  down and families all will suffer the consequences finally. I really do not know what happen to this particular family, neither can I speculate at all!

Another incident hit the headlines yesterday, another madness that cannot be thought of! A father “sembelih” their own kids, yes he did it in front of the eyes of his wife and the mother of the deceased child!

What drove him that afternoon to do this act of inhumane proportion nobody knows, only he himself and only God knows! After his son named Adam, lay still he tried to so called ‘slit his own throat’, which he failed, because the neighbors arrived in time to stop him from doing so!

A pitiful sight when the two other brother and sister of the dead sibling was shown on TV crying and in great trauma! They were once a happy family, now one big broken up family! The father will be going to jail for a very long time if he is proven INSANE, otherwise he hangs!

The poor mother now left alone, has to fend for herself and the remaining two other kids as well. Again I would ask myself every time, is this a coincidence, because it involves another Malay family again? Where has all the religious goodness that Islam teaches gone too, how does a father and head of family turn into a big monster, is all this a manifestation of a particular community breaking down!

I do not have the real answers, please the powers that be, they  must be serious to reach out to them and identify their problems and rectify it. The current spate of social ills seems to be hitting and finding its victims amongst the Malays lately.

From drug addiction, “buang bayi”, “mat & minah rempit’, “bohsia”, “bohjan”, Amok and ‘Mat Ragut’.

Another thing is the so called NOT “pakar bom” – why the China-man who burns up mighty long fire crackers do not end up burning themselves all these donkey years, but the Malays again do it year in & year out!

Or is it gods anger and showing it  – dan turunkan ‘BALA’


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