Ramadhan Casualties

August 24, 2010

Hardly had I spoken, and there we have a number of confirmed fire crackers casualties in Kelantan within 24 hours of my Article posting! A poor boy, a son of a couple has died all in vain, the saddest part is that both the parents ran away and hid themselves, despite knowing that their child had died!

They ran because they fear that the PDRM would investigate & arrest them for the explosion and fire that wrecked their home and killed their child. Can we say murder here, second degree, or committing suicide or arson?

Who is to be blamed? I would say, firstly the parents, for endangering the whole family by storing such massive quantities of explosive devices in their homes, no matter in the storeroom or backyard, fire works are made from ‘gunpowder’, and that thing is very deadly. Have we not learn anything from the Bright Sparklers incident years ago, many lost their lives, the many fire crackers & fire works factory explosions back in China, killing and maiming hundreds!

Yet, today in our country unscrupulous parents & individuals want to become rich double quick time, selling crackers to kids and toddlers even, yes, I have seen with my own very eyes, kids as young as 4-5 years old buying the ‘pop- crackers’ from the kedai runcit, which explodes when thrown on the floor!

How many more casualties do we need before the real ‘Raya’ is here?

The other ‘party’ which I need to question as to the wisdom is, why in this rightfully thinking world must we burn up millions of dollars by lighting up the skies in our so-called celebrations?   Are we just following what others do, or are we plain no brainer?

So when a ‘party’ has the right to burn all the money and make merry, the citizens are told it is ‘Haram’ and unlawful to have or play fire crackers! Isn’t that ironical?

What standards are we talking about and what system is this? Is there any sound explanation and justification… is wasting millions justified, is abusing the law also permissible, or are we all FOOLS?

So the PDRM, Customs and Immigration manning all the entry points must be forever vigilant, the easy flow of persons and transport into this country makes a smuggling job so easy! Not only fire crackers mind you, weapons, drugs and many contraband is moved into our soil daily. Otherwise where does all these items come from and appear so easily in our streets!

They can pass these items through the water ways & off course the jungles as well, we are a very porous nation with huge borders, which cannot be manned effectively everywhere!

I pray that this coming Independence DAY or Merdeka Day celebrations is not filled with another session of fire works display at midnight in Dataran Merdeka again. Hopefully, the Minister in charge of this event come to his senses and teach the younger ones not to “waste money & burn away hard cash”!

Imagine a father having to work extra hard to put food and all other necessities on the table for the special Hari Raya season, and all in a matter of seconds, money is burnt and fingers are lost, forever! That if it is only fingers, what about lives? Is regretting later worth it all?


So, please parents out there, firstly do not buy them, do not allow your kids to buy them and if you see them ‘BEING SOLD’ report it to the PDRM! I believe that if the Home Ministry or  PDRM can come up with bounty and rewards scheme, the general public will be much obliged to report this nuisance!

If any one out there love to play with loud ‘Banggers’, I suggest they enlist into the ARMY and make doubly sure you become a Gunner Officer by joining the Arty Corp! Or otherwise become a Sapper in the Engineer Corp, there one can have


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