A Sensitive Issue

August 24, 2010

Yes, for the next few minutes, you folks out there will be reading and trying to engage with me on how to overcome this phenomena! It is call “Buang Bayi”!

We have been seeing lately that there is a sudden rise in babies being abandon and thrown away, just like a garbage bag full of rotten food or old newspapers & diapers!

The gruesome sights one gets to see on the TV as well as the newspapers are so shocking, we say even animals do not abandon their off springs, why are humans doing it?

I may not have all the answers and may be wrong in fact, but I will try and paint a scenario as close as possible to why it is happening here in MALAYSIA land of BOLEH !

Firstly, it is the self-realization factor – kids nowadays are much influenced by the Western culture and trends blindly :

a. “monkey see, monkey do!”

b. they paint their hair with all sorts of colours!

c. they will pierce their ears, necks, nose, tongues and belly button as well…god knows more intimate places which they do not show the public but their partners!

d. They smoke openly & drink like fish.

e. they do drugs, syntactic ones, nobody heard of 20 years ago!

f. They fornicate as well, that is where we have fatherless and motherless babies thrown all over the place.

The authorities have come out with some brilliant and not so brilliant ideas, some openly shot down and others a food for thought!

They came out with a new idea of having a special school for fatherless mothers! Specially for Girls impregnated and do not know who the real father is! Yes, some do not know who really the father is, because so many guys had fun and nobody wants to own up to it, the belly becomes bigger and after 9 months an innocent baby is born and immediately “murdered”!

a. The school is a place for those impregnated to stay and have their babies born…the big question here is, are we curbing or encouraging more unwed mothers and fatherless babies into this WORLD?

b. Does this move solve the problem? Or encouraging it !

c. Are the kids going to be more careful or more daring since they know there is an avenue for fatherless kids ?

d. The other factor is why in the months of Aug and Sept we see a rise of babies born? Is there anything to do with Merdeka Celebrations & New Years gala sex-party?  Some say it is Merdeka (31st AUG) & New Year ( 31stDec) Bulan Mengawan dan Bulan Beranak – AUG/Sept next year!

The authorities are lost for words, the Womens’ & Families Ministry just cannot crack their heads for an answer!

To me, it is the family values, education, religious up bringing and strong individual characters that needs to be emphasized.  Parents need to remind kids and teachers in school also need to remind kids, the religious teachers in all of the society needs to remind the kids.

The Orang Asal who lives in the deep jungles do not throw away their babies, mind you, They are not highly educated and also not so sophisticated as we city dwellers are, with internet, cyber cafes, kopitiams and blue tooth.  Yet they behave better and more humane!

A point to take note and take heed, most if not all this cases are Muslims and Malay girls, we can always verify this statistics from the Ministry data bank. Why a particular race? Until today I guess I have a few theories about this, as said I may be awfully wrong, so please forgive me!

Here it GOES:

One, the kids are all poor chaps and cannot afford an alternative to having FUN safely!

Two, they are the less educated ones !

Three, some are plain ignorant and gullible!

Four, some got cheated and some got forced into it!

Five, some got drugged and raped!

Six, they do not understand sex education and preventive measures!

Seven, the Great Satan is there all the time to encourage it!

As parents we are duty bound to advice even a million times to our kids, even if  need be everyday, as to what is right and what is wrong! There is no turning back once the force is release! It becomes a baby and a human life! How many more babies are we to see being killed in the months to come?

Merdeka Day is just round the corner, hopefully the authorities can think of a plan to curb kids gathering and spending the whole evening & night fornicating at the celebration sites instead of reading their books and preparing for school!

The very next day, the cleaners and sweepers at Dataran Merdeka can tell you a million condoms can be found lying everywhere!

Malaysia Boleh !


2 Responses to “A Sensitive Issue”

  1. Capt. Says:

    ,,,totally agree with your write ups but the reality of what one can contribute for the innocent babies is what matters.
    ,,,the positive actions that members of my immediate family members had actually done so ?…we have adopted such kids as our own. unfortunately the methodology of such adoption was done in an creative manner cos our society plus authority has too many frustrating legal requirements. Our concern was then for the future of the poor kids as such took the risk. Am sure less baby killing would be the case if the system for adoption is made easier or more friendly to all parties involved.
    i can still remember the day when this helpless child was left infront of my mom’s house, covered in batik in a shoe box !….now he is a well developed young adult making his career in life n living, truely a fine young man with tender loving heart.
    ,,,yes indeed, individual action counts.

  2. Dear Capt,

    We are now facing social ills that once the other advanced society had faced before. Yes, the adoption plan is good, we get to save an innocent life! The red tape stinks !

    The big question now is, it is also double edge weapon per say!

    We provide greater avenues for babies born without knowing who their “REAL PARENTS” are forever!

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