August 20, 2010

The current US President wants to be a champion again for the world to appreciate, he wants the Mid East Crisis to be solved – Palestine vs Israel. The previous presidents have all tried and failed and he wants to take a shot at it. He summons Hillary Clinton the wife of former President Bill Clinton to ensure that the talks would happen in Washington. The man himself failed when he was President!

Not only that, he also invites Egyptian President, H. Mubarak and King Abdullah of Jordan to take part in the table talks!

Who is he trying to fool?

Netanyahu is just taking another holiday trip to the USA for “makan angin” purpose, that is about all that is going to happen on the 2nd Sept 2010!

The world will only watch and wait for the already known outcome!

He is trying to boost is own ratings and ensure a smooth second term in office, he has proven nothing at all, despite winning the Global Peace Award, he remains in my books a “WAR MONGER” !

The US economy is still in dire straits and still born, it is going no where at all, he is  a doomed President, remembered for all the failures! People lose there JOBS and the environment suffers, more pain to come soon!

People still get shot and bombed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, thanks to US army intelligence and its cock ups in identifying targets for its not too ‘smart bombs and munitions’.

Worst thing that is happening, the US is putting extreme pressure on North Korea, and just recently in Libya – for trying to celebrate the 1st anniversary  after the release of the Lockerbie Bomber from the Scotland jail! They are blaming the Scots for taking and making the wrong decision to release him. He did not die after 1 year out of prison, he was diagnosed as having 3 months to live before the release last year!

They  are also angry with China, for testing and announcing that their new missile system that could destroy any threat way far out at sea from Taiwan coast.

Bullies – makes decision and asked of others to obey them!


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