August 19, 2010

Great story telling and past experiences to be shared…

After years of living and traveling, the 50 odd years have taught me many  lessons in life and living it….it is here for those who like to listen to old tales and also ole times sake happenings….

Half of  my life given to the KING & COUNTRY as  a soldier…. 23 years in total…..

Have seen enough death, destruction & human sufferings for this lifetime

All unnecessary actually, just because of the human weakness of never ending greed for wealth and madness for power..

The scenes in Somalia, Bosnia & Haiti is no different, it is all about the human being at its’ worst form, state & stage….I could say, even worst than the  Animals !

I guess this world will never see any lasting peace, since the beginning of time till the very last day…

Wars were fought because of the lack of food & water, a scenario which we are all nearing pretty soon, with global warming, the warnings are all very clear, plain and simple. The great floods in China & Pakistan has yet to be settled, the big fires in Russia still burning & choking.

Food production will be most affected by forest destruction, seas polluted, clean water getting scarce and heat waves causing prolong droughts… the end is near,



That is the future scenario if man persists to destroy nature and all its ‘ precious reserves for only quick  MONETARY gains & returns.

The human race is all the same everywhere, there will be the rich vs the poor, the powerful against the weak, the big against the small…

They all behave the same way – BIG BULLIES !


4 Responses to “Stories”

  1. drrafick Says:

    Let me be the first to congratulate you on your first entry. Write and people will read. Over time people will appreciate what is written.

    Dr Mohd Rafick Khan

  2. mohd arshad raji Says:

    Dear Man,

    Congratulations n welcome to the blogspere. Hv not been writing of late. Need a good rest but will be back soon. Let’s get together in what we are suppose to do. Agi hidup!

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